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Does your Business Development Partnering Software Adapt to Your Process, or Do You Have to Adapt to it?

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Many software solutions claim to be “best in class” out of the box. Yet to be truly usable, the software needs to be configurable to the unique needs, business processes, and workflows that you have already established. You should not have to adapt your processes to the software, it should be configurable to your needs and help support your standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Additionally, it is virtually inevitable that your SOPs will change over time due to evolving regulations, changes in overall corporate policies, new leaders that want to adapt the way you do business, requests from higher-ups for different reports, etc. As you and your SOPs evolve, your software solution should also be adaptable to support these changes. Rigid software that can only support a so-called “best in class” process is useless if it cannot help you do your job in the way your company needs you to do it.

With ideaPoint software, our philosophy is that your software should conform to and support your process and reporting needs, not the other way around. So, when our clients need us to configure the solution to fit their nomenclature, fit their specific roles and access, develop automated workflows to save time and touches, adapt reports that are requested by the boss, you name it, we do it.

While all partnering software solutions have many similar capabilities, ideaPoint, takes great pride in our agility, flexibility, and ease of use. Click here for a side-by-side comparison (no login required) that explains some of the other differences between ideaPoint and what you may be using for Partnering and Opportunity Management software.

Written by: Scott Shaunessy, Founder and CEO of ideaPoint