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Meet Nicole Davis, Senior Product Owner – Law Firms

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We recently sat down with Nicole Davis to learn about her new position as Senior Product Owner - Law Firms. Nicole has over ten years of experience in IP and previously used AQX® as a client in diverse roles. In her new role, she is excited to help law firms overcome any challenges they may face and find innovative solutions to meet their needs.


Nicole said in her interview, “Everyone works differently.  The end goal is always the same, but the paths that are taken there are never the same. I had to adapt and change my mindset for every role that I have had within corporate and law firm departments.” 


How did you first become interested in IP and technology?  


I fell into the intellectual property industry. I was temping as a compliance assistant for an insurance company during college and my project was coming to an end.  I applied for an IP position, not knowing anything about it.  The law firm hired me on the spot, and I’ve worked in IP ever since.


How did you first get introduced to Anaqua’s solutions? What role were you in at the time?  


I was introduced to AQX when I was hired as a paralegal for a pharmaceutical company in Connecticut. The company was in the process of implementation.  The legal department wanted to bring more work internally. I assisted their organization with developing processes for filing and prosecution, as well as the ongoing building and maintenance of AQX.


My second introduction to AQX was working for a law firm in Austin, Texas. The law firm was also in the process of implementation. They were restructuring their docketing team and wanted to create more efficient processes to take advantage of the full capabilities in AQX I was a docketing manager and administrator of AQX. I was responsible for handling all client instructions, PAIR Communications, and developing and maintaining AQX.


What are you excited about regarding your new role at Anaqua?


I have worn so many hats over my career and had the opportunity to experience the growth of Anaqua. I have a unique perspective on how the AQX Law Firm platform works and is used by clients. I am eager to help progress AQX as an intuitive and user-friendly IP management platform.


What would you recommend to best take advantage of AQX Law Firm?


To best take advantage of AQX Law Firm, you need to start with “why” instead of “how”. Why were the current processes put in place?  This can be a challenging question for IP teams to ask themselves. But I recommend it as a good starting place.


Once you can establish the “why” the process to achieve your goals becomes easier. Try to keep an open mind to change and learn the new capabilities in AQX. This is key to taking full advantage of the power of AQX Law Firm.