AcclaimIP Patent Search & Analytics

Searching through over 100 million patents can be a daunting and time-consuming task. AcclaimIP is one of the fastest, most intuitive, and comprehensive tools for conducting patent searches, analyzing patents, and determining patentability.

Patent Analytics

AcclaimIP lets you visualize real-time patent data, providing competitive insight into your IP portfolio.
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Patent Analysis
Easily digest and compare full-text patent data with visual analytics  more…
Technology Analysis
Visualize all patenting activity by technology area, through real-time dashboards  more…
Competitive Analysis
Optimize your patent strategy by identifying where your competitors are investing and divesting  more…
Agent Analysis
Benchmark prosecution metrics, by agent, to increase quality and efficiency  more…

Forward Rejections & Image File Wrapper

Arm your team with quick access to prosecution history and searchable examiner citation data.
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Forward Rejections
AcclaimIP allows you to track when an examiner uses your asset in a Novelty (§102) or Obviousness (§103) rejection against an applicant.  more…
Image File Wrapper Access
Quickly search and review patent file history to prepare litigation for favorable outcomes  more…