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Anaqua Connect - The Answer to Double Docket
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The Answer to Double Docket

Keeping your intellectual property portfolio current and patents and trademarks in good standing is one of the most important responsibilities IP professionals have.  Yet, the administrative tasks can be daunting and time consuming, and the associated risk damaging and detrimental.  Now more than ever, as we are faced with lower budgets and fewer staff, achieving productivity gains are a must.  Anaqua Connect™ is your answer.

It has become common practice for Corporate Legal teams to ask their Outside Counsels to update their internal IP Management software with filing and prosecution information for the records that they manage.  For corporations, keeping data in sync and avoiding double-entry provides peace-of-mind that you and your Outside Counsel are on the same page and don’t have costly data discrepancies, etc.  For many Law Firm IP professionals “double docketing” has become a new reality that creates more work (enter the same information in two systems) and increases the risk of error (missing a critical date and potentially losing strategic assets for your client).  How do you manage it all?  How do you mitigate your firm’s risk or manage your costs?

Anaqua Connect™ is the answer.

We have been working with our client community of IP owners and law firms to better understand how to safeguard IP rights and assets without the pain of double docketing.

With Anaqua Connect™ you can:

  • Save money and increase productivity
  • Automate communication, instructions, and document exchanges
  • De-risk data entries
  • Standardize process across clients and law firms


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