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Practice Your Specialty

AQX Law Firm: Practice Your Specialty

Challenged with the demands within a firm to increase profits and meet client requests, it can be difficult to find time to practice your specialty. Anaqua’s software helps law firm clients accelerate change in their firms, collaborate more effectively, and provide clients with data to make informed business decisions.

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Improve Collaboration

Reporting of metrics and KPIs provide visibility and transparency to stakeholders across the firm. Ready access to that data can enable administrators to better understand resource allocation and internal metrics and respond. With Anaqua’s reporting tools, law firms can make more informed resource decisions such as:


Firm differentiation using a robust, secure, self-service client portal. Developing a library of document and email reporting templates with client-specific filters.


Automating incoming documents such as filing receipts to be docketed, and attached to client-specific reporting emails.

Work More Efficiently

Focus on higher-valued activity by improving the productivity of daily tasks such as processing email. Our high-volume email and document processing tools intelligently manage correspondence from a central inbox, support paperless operation, and reduce manual and duplicative processes. Key features include:


Outlook add-in that allows attorneys to engage with the system from a familiar environment.


Bulk processing of email that supports automatic indexing and processing of high volumes of incoming correspondence.


One-click selection of recipients from the record's contact list that leverages internal contact management and avoids inadvertent recipients.

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Anaqua Law Firm - Practice Specialty -Become a Trusted Partner

Become a Trusted Partner

Clients with greater visibility into the value of the services provided by you are more inclined to build on their relationship with your firm.  When you have a clear understanding of your clients’ markets and opportunities for their growth with real-time IP data and analytics and opportunities for their growth, you can earn their trust as a strategic partner. With knowledge comes power, and that capability can expand the opportunities available:


Help your clients with strategic IP decisions.


Provide unique insight into the position of the client’s competition.


Leverage portfolio management tools developed for corporate clients.


Agree on retainer or other alternative arrangements.